I want to play now

Playing online in few steps:
What clients do I need?
How do I log in?
How do I play?

I am completely new to backgammon servers ...

... and need to know everything

There are a few things to explain first. You are well advised to have a look at section Online Backgammon first.

Nah, in fact ...

... I've been on Tiger before, but forgot ...

Well, then you're pretty much set up to enter.

You have a client, already. But you might have forgotten the 'server settings'. Then check the description of how to change the server settings .

Maybe you want to use your client to log into TigerGammon and other BG servers without confusing your rating files. Then you are advised to use JavaFibs and have a twin installation .

And off you go ......

... my password

Well, tough luck! :)

You may ask Andreas by mail to reset your password. But no guarantee, that he will do it. And first of all he will try to find out who you are and if you really are the person you're pretending.

Soon there will be a possibility to register on this website. Then registered users will have a way to reset their password by themselves.

Watch out! One more thing! You may have forgotton your password on Fibs, because your client filled in the password automatically, all these years. Now if you fill in a (perhaps different) password to use your client on TigerGammon you might not be able to return to Fibs! So please make sure, that you don't loose any credentials by entering a new password to the login form. An easy way to avoid these problems is to use a twin installation of JavaFibs.

Well, I've played on other backgammon servers ...

... and here is what I have to do

Download a client

There are several different clients, depending mainly on your operating system. You may use these links to download those clients directly. If there is more you need to know on clients, then please refer to Online Backgammon: Client Download.

All plattforms

JavaFibs Version 1.012


3DFibs Version 4.0.79

There is still FibZilla, but it is not recommended for play on TigerGammon.



Change server settings

The clients are delivered with the server address of Fibs (fibs.com) preset. To log into TigerGammon you need to change the server settings. Read these instructions to find out how.


If you come to TigerGammon the first time, you have to register.

Of course you may try to register a nick, that you have used on another server. Maybe your favorite nick is already in use by someone else.

You may chose your password as you like. It may be the same as on that other server; it may as well be different.

Registration is done with a simple click in your client. Please follow these instructions .

Log in and play

When registering with your client you get logged in right away.

Welcome to TigerGammon!

If you need help with your client, then go to Online Backgammon for more information.

... it won't work ...

What might have happened is ...

  • ... you are not registered on TigerGammon, yet.
  • ... you have registered some time ago, but with a different nick.
  • ... you are using a different password on TigerGammon, than on other backgammon servers.