Thanks to all the free software projects and helpers that enabled this project to become real.

TigerGammon - the backgammon server

TigerGammon was built using Free Software. The following building blocks were used.

python  -   the great portable dynamic programming language is used throughout the project.

twisted  -   that event-driven networking engine is the heartbeat of TigerGammon.

mysql  -   the world's most popular open source database software supplies data persistency.

mysql-python  -   implements the python interface to MySQL.

pytz  -   helps with handling of the world timezone definitions.

Free Software is a great thing. You'll find information about the concept of Free Software and much more on the pages of the Free Software Foundation.


Thanks to Andreas Schneider for his pioneer work on the First Internet Backgammon Server. Thanks also to him and to Evan McLean for documentation of CLIP, the CLIent Protocol.

Matthias was helping with algorithms to the list of possible moves and currently gives valuable input to the new HTML5 client. He and Martijn are currently helping with new algorithms for a rating system based on the Maximum Likelihood Method.

In the early days much needed feedback came from TwoDice and taulajoe. maareyes treated TigerGammon to three of his bots. Thank you all very much. And special thanks to stoerchle for finding the most crazy bugs in the backgammon machine.

Thanks to all the folks who have been visiting during the beta-phase for enduring bloodcurdling glitches and giving their feedback through TODO-shouts.

The website

This website is driven by the CMS Zope. The webserver is Apache. Much of the JavaScript comes from JQuery.

The Logo was designed by Tanika. Thanks to Vic for the nice photograph of his backgammon board.

Valuable feedback came from Marcus, Vic and Amy. Thank you very much for that.


TigerGammon Server and the website are hosted for free by Open IT GmbH. Thank you very much for your support.