Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions on online backgammon.

I just wanna play ....

You have experience on other backgammon servers or even have been on TigerGammon before:
Then read one of these short howtos about logging into TigerGammon.

You are new to backgammon servers and need to get more information:
Then read these detailed introductions to online backgammon.

Are there variations of backgammon?

You can play some variations of backgammon on TigerGammon. So far it is

  • NackGammon
  • HyperGammon

Since existing clients do not support these variations, you have to send your invitation for these matches through the commandline of your browser.

invite <name> <ML> nack↵
invite <name> <ML> hyper↵

to invite your opponent <name> for match up to <ML> of either nackgammon or hypergammon, respectively.


invite andreas 3 nack↵

invites player andreas to a 3 point match nackgammon.

If you are invited to such a variation, it says It's nackGammon in your system window.

About TigerGammon

Interesting facts about TigerGammon.

What is TigerGammon?

TigerGammon is a free online backgammon server with a nice community.
At the moment still in version 'beta' it is well possible that bugs can be found and not all commands are available. It will be complete in January 2014. After that new features will be implemented. Features like

  • chouette
  • time control
  • ....
Who runs TigerGammon?

Andreas Hausmann features TigerGammon. hannes, his alter ego is online 24/7. But hannes won't be watching shouts or tell all that time. An answer might come significantly later.
Contact him via andreas ( a t )
Or try skype looking for tigerbackgammon.

What's so special about TigerGammon?

TigerGammon is technically top of the pops. New features are being implemented, many of them interesting for ambitious players.

For a start, NackGammon and HyperGammon are implemented, already!

Are there bots on TigerGammon?

Yep! Go and play them.
They are based on gnubg. You'll find them in different skills (beginner, casualPlayer, ...). These levels represent the categories as you find them in gnubg.
Oh - and they play quite fast. If you want to slow them down a bit, you type the following on the commandline of your client:

set delay 1.2↵

1.2 is a value in seconds. You can chose any value between 0.4 and 2.0 you like. A setting of about 1.0 seconds is quite nice. The default setting of the server is 0.8 seconds.

Is TigerGammon a free server?

Well sure! Just come on and play backgammon. You are supposed to have fun.

Are the dice crooked?

No, they aren't.