Twin JavaFibs installation

An installation of JavaFibs is simply a folder containing the Java programm called JavaFibs (JavaFIBS-1.0.12_java16.jar) and some associated files. This folder might be located in your personal downloads area. If not, please use the search function of your Explorer to locate it.

You can duplicate this folder without running into problems. You might want to call your copy JavaTiga to indicate, that you want to use it for TigerGammon.

You'll want to create a desktop icon to have easy access to TigerGammon. Again chose a name like JavaTiga to indicate that it is heading for TigerGammon.

Advantages of having a twin installation of JavaFibs are obvious:

  • no need to change server settings all the time
  • different passwords for both servers are possible, without having to know the password to Fibs
  • your ratings file will be continuous